Shasta & Augie

In 2010 and the beginning of 2011 some of our beloved dogs have gone off to Doggy Heaven.  Its always sad to say goodbye to our wonderful companions.  I lost my “best Friend” Shasta in July.  She was a great companion and I’m so glad she just fell asleep in the sunshine one day. I am finding things that she buried in the back yard when I am gardening.  She loved to sneak things (food) out of the kitchen and bury them. Its been almost a year since I lost her but I’m still finding her buried treasure.

Another loss we had was Auggie.  Auggie was such a “human”.  I love taking care of him, especially when we watched t.v.  He was very discriminating and knew exactly what he watched to watch.  He did not like violence or loud talking.  He would walk uo to the t.v. and give them “a piece of his mind”  He was much beloved and very well cared for.  He will be greatly missed.