In the past, pet owners had few choices concerning care for their animals when they were away. They could turn to their neighbors, friends, relatives, or professional boarding. These solutions may not be ideal for every pet. The alternative is pet sitting in your home with a professional pet sitter.  According to experts, a familiar environment, diet, and exercise, along with the personal attention of a professional pet care-giver is the perfect answer. No more traumatic transporting to unfamiliar surroundings plus the advantage of not exposing your pet to other animals who may be ill.

The in-home care solution also addresses the question of who will bring in the mail, newspapers, and take care of the plant watering. This service is a proven crime deterrent. This is a relief to home owners who no longer need to impose on friends or neighbors.

Services Include:

  • Daily visits: For folks who work long hours. This gives your pet some company while his family is away all day or for any reason your pet can come up with!
  • Vacation/Holidays: When you cannot take your pet along. We offer multiple visits during the day if necessary.
  • Overnight stays: Especially designed for those pets used to having family members home during the night time hours.

All visits include feeding, water changes, playtime, poop pick up, daily litter box cleaning. Those pets that are leashed trained and want to be walked will be walked at pet sitters discretion.

We aim to provide you with outstanding service… Help us to do that by communicating your concerns or suggestions that will make our service your favorite service!

We look forward to hearing from you soon.