We at Pet Agree Pet Sitters have been honored to work with some of the nicest customers and their “parents”. Since our customers’ “parents” always seem to have something nice to say, we thought that we’d share some of these kind words with you!

We will also share a list of our references with you upon request.

Thanks again for your loving care of Tenaya. It gives us peace of mind when we travel, knowing you are caring for her.
– Laurie, Toro Park

Our family really appreciates your extra efforts when caring for our “gang.” Thank you so much.
– Terri, South Salinas

We really appreciate all you do for Auggie. Even walking him in the rain!
– Chris & Jeff,Oak Hill

Kyan says thank you for taking such good care of us while mom was away, and “mom” does too.
– Kristin, Katy, Kira, Keva, Kyan & Keanu, North Salinas

Thanks for caring for our Jordie, Misha & the fish.
– Steve and Susan

New to the area..  it was great to find another pet sitter who belongs to PSI.   Our former sitter told us to go to the PSI website and locate a sitter in our area.   Sharon came out immediately.  She has done a fine job caring for our 2 kitties.
– Thanks, Mary