What to look for in a pet sitter:

  • Is the pet sitter licensed, bonded, and insured? (Ask to see documents) Does he or she present themselves as a professional?
  • Does the pet sitter provide references?
  • Will the pet sitter visit your home to meet you and your pet?
  • Will there be a service contract outlining your needs and services provided?
  • Does your pet sitter have a networking system with local pet sitters?

Plan Ahead

  • Make your pet sitting reservation as early as possible – especially during holiday season.
  • Make an extra key to your house for your pet sitter before you go away. (please make sure the spare key works.)
  • Buy extra food and supplies for your pet.
  • Practice leash walking with your pet, be sure your dog’s collar fits properly,if it is too loose their head could easily slip out of the collar. This could be dangerous if he starts to run. Make sure he/she is wearing the ID tags that are READABLE. Time for new tags???

Communication is important

  • Leave a phone number of anyone in you immediate neighborhood that can be reached in case of an emergency, as well as your emergency number.
  • If travel plans change, immediately notify your pet sitter.
  • Let your sitter know if there are any “off limits” rooms.
  • We prefer that no one enters your home while we are caring for your pet. We don’t want your pet over medicated, fed or have extra treats.  Our contracts state that we will not be held responsible for your pet if they have visitors while in our care.
  • Leave emergency phone numbers to plumbers and electricians.
  • Provide a timer light so that the sitter won’t have to walk into a dark house… it’s nice for your pets and a great crime deterrent too.
  • Consider leaving a radio on while you are away as a crime deterrent and to keep your pet company.
  • Close your clothes dryer doors and all back doors.
  • Lock all doors and windows.
  • Secure any outside gates.
  • Put away items that may be harmful to your pet.
  • Does your pet have a favorite hiding place??? Please advise sitter!
  • Heavy trash cans – Don’t put us on the spot.
  • Secure any outside gates.
  • Is your dog an escape artist?
  • Remember to call your pet sitter to let us know you have returned.
    That way we know your pets are safe!

We aim to provide you with outstanding service… Help us to do that by communicating concerns or suggestions that  will make our service your favorite service! Remember when you hire PetAgree you hire a professional.