Why Use Us?

Until recently pet owners had little choice in the care of their pets while they were away. Now, however, more and more pet owners are choosing to have their pets cared for in their own homes. PetAgree offers daily visits while you’re on vacation or while you work extended hours.

Using our professional service guarantees the best possible care of your pets. In addition to caring for your pets we will bring in your mail, newspapers, turn lights on and off and open and close drapes. Or for the dogs that like constant companionship we do offer daycare or limited boarding.

We schedule a meeting prior to your anticipated date you will require our services. We will obtain all the pertinent information about your pet. We like to have our meetings during day light hours and after 2 pm on Sundays.

We are bonded and insured and can provide a list of references upon request.

One last point we would like to make, while we love and appreciate our friends, neighbors and relatives using a professional pet sitter to care for your pets gives you peace of mind. We set aside a special time in our day to care for your pets. We are obligated to full fill our contract with you. No other activities will distract us.
Barring an unforeseeable emergency we will be at your home at the time you specify.

Feel free to send us information about your pets needs while we are caring for them. We would like to know their name(s) breed, size, temperment and where they live. Let us know the dates you would need our services and your zip code. We require all dogs who come to our day care have up to date vaccinations. Call us, we are doggone eager to hear from you.

We maintain the same professionalism whether we come to your home or you come to our home.

Advantages for the pet include:

  • The pet remains in his or her familiar, secure environment, where all the sights, smells and sounds are familiar,
  • The pet follows his or her customary diet and exercise routine.
  • The pet is not traumatized by travel in a vehicle.
  • The pet is not exposed to illness of other animals.
  • Most importantly, the pet receives love and personal attention while you are away.

Benefits for the owner include:

  • You are not inconvenienced (or traumatized!) by transporting the pet.
  • You do not have to impose upon a friend, neighbor or relative.
  • Your home will have the added protection of having your drapes open and closed, newspaper and mail picked up daily, empty trash containers and returned to your yard or garage, making your absence inconspicuous.
  • You can leave home worry-free, knowing your pet is in good hands.
  • You can return home at any hour of the day and find your healthy, happy pet eagerly awaiting your return.

We aim to provide you with outstanding service & help; Help us to do that by communicating your concerns or suggestions that will make our service your favorite service! We look forward to hearing from you.