Holiday Tip for Cat Owners

With the holidays coming, some of you may be decorating a tree indoors. Keep in mind that you cat may see low down dangling ornaments as toys. Also, be aware that cats may eat those thin silvers strands of tinsel, and this is very BAD for cats. So you might consider using unbreakable ornaments for the low branches and using no tinsel on your tree.

March 10,2019
Holidays are def. over but summer is coming. So just a reminder keep your kitties well hydrated. Nice clean water is very important. Making sure kitty gets his/her favorites treats is important but clean water tops the list. A nice brushing keeps fuzz balls at a minimum. Don’t forget few toys to keep them as entertained as they want to be. You know how kitties are: gotta keep their staff (staff: you and me) engaged or they get bored.
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